A Bulgarian Holiday

by luckyperro


As much as I love traveling, I absolutely hate packing.  I agonize over whether I’m bringing the right things, I always end up overpacking, and it just feels like the worst kind of chore–one you’re going to have to undo in a few days anyway!  So I end up putting it off and then am even more stressed when I’m rushed.  All of which is to say…I have to go pack!  I’m off to Sofia, Bulgaria for a quick trip for a friend’s wedding.  There are currently protests going on, but I’m assured it’s safe.  And the wedding falls on a Bulgarian holiday, so I have a patriotic red-and-green wedding outfit planned.  Stay tuned for pictures!

It goes without saying that I will miss this face, though:


P.S.  When trying to figure out if I should pack gym clothes, I double-checked whether my hotel has a gym, and found this charmingly translated note: “The fitness club has an artistic atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment.  Take a sip from refreshing drink, proteins, vitamins and mineral water at the fitness bar, right at the entrance of the fitness club.”  You can’t make this stuff up!