Inauguration Day

by luckyperro

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.09.25 AMMonday was the beginning of a few things around here–Obama’s second term, my 33rd year–and the end of nearly five months of yoga teacher training.  We spent the inauguration at an event which featured the most random assortment of pseudo-celebrities, before watching the parade, all of which was very exciting for me since I missed the festivities in 2009.

As for the end of teacher training, I feel bittersweet about it–it was a great experience, but it’s so nice to have my weekends back, too.  It was a wonderful and amazingly supportive group of people, and I’m glad we’re already planning ways to hang out together in the future.

P.S. All the celebrities (except Wonderwoman, aka Lynda Carter) appeared SO much tinier in person than on TV.  Is this always the case, or did I just happen to encounter the wee ones?

Photo found on Instagram – credit unknown