Remembering and Resolving

by luckyperro

Words give us lightI love making resolutions.  Who doesn’t like to think about accomplishing a life-long goal, or putting a big project to bed, or finally becoming some better version of ourselves–whether healthier, better educated, or simply more positive?  Since my birthday falls shortly after the new year, it’s a great time to reevaluate where things stand and where I’d like to get to.

I plan to cover one or two of my resolutions in each of the next few posts, both to remind myself of why I’ve made them and motivate myself to continue with them.

So, first up, resolution #2 was to blog at least three times a week.  I was motivated to start a blog by a few things: to join wthe great community of people online, to improve my writing, photography, and (currently non-existent) HTML skills, and to challenge my tendency to guard my privacy a little too fiercely.  Ultimately, however, the biggest motivator occurred to me today as I walked past what used to be a Barnes & Noble in Georgetown–and is now a cavernous Nike store with, apparently, no customers.  My first thought was, “I miss that bookstore.”  Not because it was the best bookstore, since it obviously wasn’t, but I remember visiting it occasionally throughout my ten years in DC.  And then I started to reminisce about the years when my husband (then boyfriend) was living in Georgetown, and we would occasionally kill time there at the magazine rack, or I would search for holiday gifts, or just roam the aisles looking for a new book to read.

And then, for whatever reason, I thought about the bookstores that I hope and pray survive the digital age–El Ateneo in Buenos Aires, and Shakespeare & Company in Paris, and El Pendulo in Mexico City, where I spent nearly every weekend when I lived there.  And I could feel my mouth beginning to water for fresh juice and chilaquiles, and then I thought that it was a shame that I had nothing to record my time at El Pendulo, and more broadly speaking, nothing to record my days in Mexico City at all.  I mean, I have some photos, but they don’t really tell the full story.  I wish I had documented some of favorite places, meals, and people there, like my yoga studio, the French-Armenian traiteur with the most beautiful outdoor garden, the Portuguese baker with the best pain au chocolat ever, practically every old building in Condesa, and the little corner of Chapultepec Park where I walked or ran nearly every day.  And then there’s the weather, which was so utterly perfect that it deserves it’s own chapter, especially when the jacaranda trees were flowering outside my kitchen window…

But my homage to Mexico City will have to come later (and I promise, it will come!).

The point is, every day, no matter where I am, is filled with places, people, and meals, both magical and mundane.  And I would like to document them, in order to better appreciate them.

Which brings me to resolution #12, Be present every day.  You know, show up for things.  Be there.  Appreciate them.  I know that I, sadly,  fail to show up more often than I should.  So here’s to remedying that.

Top photo of El Ateneo, credit unknown