New-ish Music and a Dirty Secret

by luckyperro

I am really loving this whole album by Madi Diaz.  The very first song on the album We Threw Our Hearts in the Fire reminds me of someone specific but I’m a glass of wine in this evening and I can’t put my finger on exactly who…it’s a little bit Au Revoir Simone, a little bit Lykke Li/El Perro del Mar/Taken by Trees.

Speaking of wine, I got about four hours of sleep last night because someone’s incisors are coming in.  I realize it could be far worse, but we are used to not hearing a peep out of our guy for twelve hours, so we were kind of out of our minds.  I went grocery shopping today and, unusually, I picked up two bottles of wine (we already have a lot of wine, and I rarely buy it at the store unless it’s for an occasion.)  I’m only now making the connection.

I’m going to have to call this an “occasion.”

That was not the dirty secret.  The dirty secret is that I am completely ashamed that I learned of Madi Diaz because this song was featured on Pretty Little Liars.  The show is silly on a number of levels, but it has pretty consistently introduced me to some great new music.  Or maybe I just have the musical taste of a teenage girl?