Something New: Art, Glenstone and the Barclays Center

by luckyperro

New Year’s Resolution #6 was:

Try something new every week.

I am pretty literal about what constitutes “something new:” a heretofore untried recipe, a daring lipstick color, a train ride with an 18 month-old–every day presents new experiences and possibilities.  This resolution is intended to remind me to seek out adventure, and I often try to drag other people along for the ride, which is (usually) a good experience for all.


Last week’s new adventure was a trip to Glenstone.  It was, in a word, fabulous.  The collection was superb, the setting is amazing, and the experience of having a private docent for our group of two to talk with about art was completely invigorating.  My friend and I especially loved the Richard Serra sculptures.  They’re immense, geometric, and have this weird liquid, spacious quality you wouldn’t expect in a hunk of metal.  We can’t wait to go back in the spring and check out the new collection and see the property in the sunshine.


One of the things I was interested to see when we were in Brooklyn was the finished Barclays Center, because it’s been kind of controversial.  I really liked it.  It reminded me a bit of the Bird’s Nest from the Beijing Olympics, but the rusted steel gives it a harder urban edge–it’s sleek, but rough and industrial.  And because they were so fresh in my mind, it reminded me of the Richard Serras.  At first I thought this was blasphemous, until I read the following, from someone at the architecture firm behind the Center, SHoP: “it’s what would happen if “Richard Serra and Chanel created a U.F.O. together.”  Is that complimentary?  I have no idea.  But I love the idea.  And apparently I also love rusty metal.

Glenstone doesn’t allow photos, so I have none.  The above pic is Serra’s Torqued Ellipse IV in the MOMA Sculpture Garden, taken by Alexandra P. Spaulding.  Barclays Center photo and quote from ArtInfo.